The Rizal Law and It's Significance Today

Topics: Philippines, José Rizal, El filibusterismo Pages: 5 (1947 words) Published: December 8, 2011

My initial ideas about the Rizal law was that it was another uninteresting legislative document that needs to be understood and memorized. Being a teenager, that's my way of thinking. I figured that since it is a law, it will tackle all about technicalities and provisions. I also thought that the Rizal Law was made for the sole purpose of perpetuating the name and works of our national hero. I was partly wrong. As I read the Rizal Law, I was correct about it tackling about provisions and technicalities. At the same time, I proved myself wrong with my assumptions of the Rizal Law being uninteresting. More so, I was able to have a better grasp and understanding of what it is to be nationalistic. What is it in the Rizal Law that caught my attention?

To start with, my thoughts about it being insignificant to me was changed. It had everything to do with me. It was created precisely for students. How so? In the law, it tackles all about Rizal's works and/or life to be implemented in all schools. Who are the people in schools and who will benefit from the Rizal Law? The students. The law was really interesting to learn, as it turns out. Suddenly my opinions were turned upside down. It changed because the objectives of the document were like speaking to me. The objectives being to reawaken the Filipino's nationalism, to open the eyes of the filipino from colonial mentality and to make the students proud of the history. Those made re-examine myself and reflect upon my own sense of nationalism.

In the module, I was able to know what the Rizal law was for. The law was to ignite the sense of nationalism of the country's people. It's not just some typical law stating that everyone should have a background about the national hero and his works. Yes, it's main point was to let every Filipino learn from the past as depicted in Dr. Jose Rizal's novels. And yes, it encourages us to at least know something about Dr. Jose Rizal's life. But it's more than just that. The law itself is a beacon of hope and faith. The law itself signifies the hardwork of our fellow countrymen, mainly Jose P. Laurel and Claro M. Recto with some other minor personalities, in defending that in studying these novels and the life of our national hero will spark once again our nationalism that was once shining ever so brightly.

Of course, every Republic Act has it's origin. I learned that the Republic Act 1425 is actually an amended version of a bill. This bill was called the Noli-Fili Bill. Although the bill was the origin, the two are quite different. There are some similarities but a lot of differences can be seen. Firstly, the bill and the law aims to promote nationalism within the country. It's aim is to spread the ideologies of Rizal. The significance of Rizal's works to the lives of the filipino people is vastly great because it mirrors the situation of the past to the present. It gives us answers to questions that are difficult to answer. The readings, specifically the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, should be in their unexpurgated versions. Meaning, the texts should be in their unedited or original state. This was changed though due to religious beliefs of the filipinos. This was done because the unexpurgated version of the texts might hinder the development of the faith of the people, according to the catholic church. Since there are similarities, there are also differences between the bill and the law. The noticeable difference is the specific punishments stated in the Noli Fili Bill which weren't written in the Rizal Law. Basically, the more strict between the two is the Noli Fili Bill. We can look at the Rizal Law as the milder version. Next to that is that is the amount of money alotted for the usage of the implementation of the law. Transparency about finance was shown in the Rizal Law. To follow is that of the requirements of all libraries to have sufficient number of...
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