The Rising Cost of College Education

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  • Published : April 24, 2011
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The Rising Cost of College Education
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Effective Essay Writing/COM 150
May 29, 2010

The Rising Costs of College Education
On Wednesday May 19th, University of Phoenix informed all of their students that there will be a tuition increase effective July 2010. The e-mail was sent out stating that, “The price changes will ultimately enable us to provide you with an educational experience that is up-to-date and applicable to your life” (University of Phoenix, 2010). The fact remains that tuition increases are inevitable in today’s society. College education prices are rising yearly because of general inflation and added student support services, ultimately leaving students responsible to foot the bill. To fully understand why tuitions are increasing, students and parents should understand the underlining meaning of this ongoing issue. First, the leaders need to look at the relationships between the cost, the price, and the subsidy (Delta Project, 2009). If we can grasp the meaning behind the yearly spending, it will be the first step to stop the increases. First, the cost can be described as the institutions’ average spending to educate each student. Full costs will include direct and indirect spending, instructional spending, teacher’s aids and so forth. In addition, this will also include student services costs, and any education related operations as well as yearly maintenance fees to upkeep the school. The price can then be described as the proportion of costs covered by tuition, based on the net tuition divided by the number of students. The next factor in tuition increase is the subsidy. The subsidy is calculated by the difference between cost and the net tuition revenue for each student, or the remainder of money that is owed. Recent trends are showing that the cost is covered by the tuition revenues and are rising faster than the average spending each year (Delta Project, 2009).

Additionally, a drastic reduction in government...
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