The Rise of Women from Wwi, 1920s to Present Da

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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The Rise of Women From WWI, 1920s to Present Day
* Since the 1920s women have risen in society from working in low paying jobs to running for president. The 1920s was the starting point of this revolution. After World War I, women wanted to remain in the same positions that they had during the war. Women wanted more independence and respect. Women also wanted to be equal to men rather than inferior to them. Before World War I, women practically meant nothing to society, but after the War people realized that they were worth much more than what they were being recognized for

During the war all men from the ages fifteen to thirty were required to fight, unless they were disabled or labeled as homosexuals. Women were left behind to run the town. They worked in factories, as doctors, in offices, ran shops and built things. When the men returned from combat they naturally thought they would return their regular work, though the women thought differently. They wanted to continue doing the men’s work as they usually were and gain independence. The women were forced out of the workplace when the men returned, and were not happy about that at all. Some women would also go to war to serve as nurses and doctors for those who were injured while fighting.

In 1948, the first women’s rights convention was held at Seneca Falls, New York. This began the journey for women’s rights. Years later, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton started the National Women’s Suffrage Association. The NWSA worked for suffrage on the federal level and to press for more extensive institutional changes. This included the granting of property rights to married women. Lucy Stone then created the American Woman Suffrage Association. This group aimed to secure the ballot through state legislation. In 1890, the two groups merged to form the National American Woman Suffrage Association. National Women’s Party was formed in 1912. They would have strikes and marches anywhere but mainly they...
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