The Rise of Sikhism

Topics: Sikhism, Islam, Religion Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: May 30, 2011
Nanak and the rise of Sikhism
Sikhism is a religion that is originated in India, the origins for this religion come from the teaching of Guru Nanak poet and religious teacher and his successors . The teachings of Sikhism emphasize on the principle of equality of all humans and rejects discrimination from caste, creed, and gender . Another important concept from the Sikhism religion are faith and justice .Sikhism is a monotheist religion , which is that they believe in only one god . The Sikhism traditions and teaching come from the history , society and culture of the Punjab. This monotheist religion was founded in the fifteenth century in the Punjab nation . It is the fifth largest organized religion in the world and the fastest growing . Followers of the religion are known as Sikhs and number over 26 million across the world .The vast majority of this followers live in the northwest India, in the Punjab region and in Demi. Sikhism comes from the root of two religion , which are Hinduism and Muslim . Nanak teaching are what brought these two religions to form together into Sikhism , which was the most significant attribute of Sikhism that attracted my attention the most , the teaching of Nanak and how it formed a new religion . Before Nanak , there was Kabir who was born Muslim , Kabir started combining Hindu bhakti with Muslim sufi mysticism and taught the path of love of god . Kabir traveled his message across the north Indian plain , we he collected followers . The most significant being Nanak . Unlike Kabir , Nanak was born into Hindu parents in 1949 , in the Punjab nation . Nanak was born into a a family of business men and followed along with his families path and also became a business man and married and had to kids during his earlier life . Nanak was so influenced by Kabir and driven by his spiritual quest of god that he left his family to spread his beliefs like Kabir. Nanak was what brought the religion of Sikhism to life his...
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