The Rise of Ottoman Empire

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The Rise of Ottoman Empire
Why it so successful?
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1. Introduction
1. Purpose:
The purpose of this project is to evaluate the rise of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. How did it become a force that influenced the balance of power in the west while it rested in the east? Why was the Ottoman monarchy so successful in the Middle East? 2. Aspect:

Follow the collapse of the Turk Seljuk Empire. The Ottoman Turks, found by the legendary sultan Osman , arose from being a formal regional tribesman of the old state to become one of the most successful kingdoms in the late Medieval Ages and survived in to the 20th century. Within 35 years dated since they first entered European land of Byzantine Empire, Osman’s nomadic army end up in control almost everything. They took the city of Adriano polis from the Empire and the port of Thessaloniki form the Venetian and destroyed the state of Serbians at the battle of Kosovo. The sons of Osman have built a mighty empire that remained in power until the early days of the 20th century. Its leader gained the title of Caliph becoming the religious leader of Islam. Today in the world we are living in, as a common trend, the Western culture has dominated all continents. Cultural influence of the Middle East took a step backward and somehow does not appear much in our daily life any more. By researching about the Ottoman Empire, I want to discover the factor that shaped the political and culture of the past and the modern Middle East and widen my knowledge. 3. Background:

The climax of Ottoman power was from about 1300s to about 1600s. During the Empire’s first 300 years, it was truly one of the three Great Islamic Empires in the world history. In Europe, after the fall of Western Roman Empire, from one united domain, Europeans end up with lots of barbarian states engaged in almost constant wars against each other. This created chaos during this period of Europe history called the Dark Age. During the Medieval time, the world of Islam in general and the Middle East was ahead of the Western Europe in many sides such as education and technology. Also Christian armies were crushed under the progress of Islamic warriors such as the battle of Mohacs although the European had gained some temporary successes in holding the Turkish advance. 4. Thesis statement:

Ottomans started as a "Predatory Confederacy" between Muslim and Christian warlords. By using politic policies of acceptance and allowing different people from different cultures within the Empire to live as long as paying taxes. The practice of co-exist, which means the acceptance of other ideas and beliefs within the Empire, is one the main factors lead to the Ottoman Turkish’ success. Literally, we could say the Ottoman lied in the border of the Christian world and the world of Islam. The origin of Ottoman Turk, the Kayi, lied in the frontier of the Great Seljuk Empire and facing the Byzantine stronghold of Bursa to the north could never have achieved such power if they did not cooperate with other entities beside Islamic ones. The Ottoman Empire was an Islamic state and therefore its laws relied heavily on Muslim Laws. However, the process of conquer and expand changed the nature of the state order form being a tribe, it turned into a multi-continental Empire. The Ottoman state made its way to become one of the most powerful and successful state in world history since the Roman Empire largely also due to its armies. By using new tactics which concentrated largely on the agility of the units rather than the heavy forces, they have neutralized the offensive weapon of heavy cavalry charge and inflicted many crushing defeat on the Crusader force of Christendom. The way of using fast moving units to gain advantage in the battle field was originally the tactic of the Mongol horsemen of Genghis Khan who conquered...
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