The Rise of Nazism

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Germany Pages: 6 (2373 words) Published: November 30, 2010
Running head: THE RISE OF NAZISM

The Rise of Nazism and the factors involved

Many key factors led up to the rise of Nazism. These factors had great impact on all of Germany and the world. Some of these factors were specific antecedents, prejudice behaviors, and psychological factors that many people faced.

Things that precede or allow things to happen are called antecedents. Four specific antecedents helped to enable the rise of Nazism. The first of these antecedents would be the end of WWI when German was defeated in 1918. Many German lives were taken during this war and the German population was not prepared for the dramatic defeat. The German population was looking to put the blame on someone. The blame was put on the politicians, Communists, and the Jews (A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust 2005). They were blamed to be the reason the Germans were defeated. With this blame came turmoil for all involved. The Weimer Republic tried to start a new democratic government but, this only caused both sides of the political parties to fight for power (A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust 2005).The new government could not handle the defeated economy or the tactless behavior of the Germans. Another one of the antecedents was the Treaty of Versailles. This was a treaty that was signed by German in 1919. The treaty made Germany pay Britain and France for the huge amounts of money the war cost. This only caused Germans to become infuriated and want to fight back. A group of soldiers and other Germans joined the German Worker’s Party. This party believed in militarism, national pride, and full commitment to Germany. Adolf Hitler was one of many Germans to join this party. Hitler made his was in front of the German population with overwhelming speeches. These speeches gave the Germans hope of what would happen with someone else in control. Hitler also damned Jews and supported anti-Semitism (A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust 2005). This is one of the other antecedents. Anti-Semitism is the negative belief system that defined the Jews and Judaism. Hitler was a firm believer that the Jews were the cause of all the problems in Germany. He portrayed them as dirty and deceitful. Hitler also did not like African Americans. He had very anti-Semitic views towards Jews and African Americans. Hitler’s followers were called the workers party for some time. Hitler changed the name of the workers party to the Nazi party with 3000 followers. Later, Hitler became the leader of this party. Hitler and his followers decided to make a brave attempt to conquer the leaders in Munich. This attempt was abruptly put to a halt and the party was jailed and charged with high treason (A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust). During the trial Hitler used this opportunity to speak out to the people about the government. At the end of the trial he had gained support of the people. Most of the Nazi party got off with little or no jail time. Hitler did go to prison for a year and while in there wrote a book. This book was used as the platform of the belief system of the Nazi party. Hitler was released and decided to build up his party again. During this time a new president was elected, his name was Paul von Hindenburg. After this election German seemed to fall into order and alleviate. This gave Hitler the right opportunity to bring together his party and determine the course of action that they would take next. The party saw Hitler as a person you would always give your life for no matter what. Whatever Hitler said the followers believed and followed his commands. There were no questions asked, the party just followed his commands. Hitler’s plan was to build his group big enough to be able to compete in the next elections (A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust 2005). Hitler’s party grew to extreme number and caused great terror through the streets of Germany. The party would go through the street terrorizing Jews and causing turmoil...
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