The Rise of Apple

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  • Published : February 22, 2011
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iWin: The Rise of Apple
Jack Rukab

Case Study # 1
Marketing 231: Integrated Marketing Communication
[pic]iProduce: The Rise of Apple

Macintosh, a personal computer company marketed by the company Apple Inc., was the first company to introduce a personal computer for everyday consumers. Throughout the 80’s the company rapidly gained market share only to be faced with the competition of companies like Dell and Hp. The “Mac” computer ran on an operating system exclusive to Mac users. At the time, Mac software was not compatible with the established standard operating systems produced by Microsoft. Although Mac released the first PC, market share rapidly decreased due to retention of Microsoft users staying loyal to the Windows platform. A large loss in market share came from large companies that feared the changeover from a Microsoft platform to the Mac OS platform not only with compatibility of interchangeable software but cost as well. Their corporate image, regardless of their technological innovation and foresight into what the future of technology would be, was tainted. A drastic shift of their marketing demographic to wealthy, urbanized business people had to take place. Macintosh needed to appeal to the midlevel income consumer to stay alive in a market where competitors like Dell and HP were offering similar products at a consumer friendly price. Apple on their heels and on the verge of failure needed to revise and rewrite the business model. They turned to a familiar face in cofounder Steve Jobs. After resigning from the company, Jobs returned to become the savior of the Macintosh brand. As the interim CEO and chief designer of the iMac and most of the present product line of Apple, Jobs quickly turned the company away from disaster and into a standard of technological products and software.

[pic]Follower or Leader

When first revising a companies Corporate Image, we have to look into what that company stands...
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