The Rise and Fall of Kodak Company

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The Rise and Fall of Kodak Company
Promise Anukem
Eastern Nazarene College

BS433- Business Policy and Strategy
BS 163
December 6, 2011

The Kodak Company was founded by George Eastman, an America who was so attracted to still photography and cameras. He saw the Still camera as a fabulous invention, though with reservation that it does need to be modify. According to Eastman, the cameras at his time was bulky, heavy, and not user friendly to the average person; in 1879 he left the United States for London to establish a company that would inculcate these ideals and turn around the photography industry.

Considering the fact that London at that time was the center of attraction for photographic business; it was a perfect place to start a new business. Eastman never let go of his vision, he received his first patent for the plate-coating machine in 1879. The plate coating machine was faster, more proficient method to get pictures on film in the camera, it began a stepping stone in creating cameras for everyday people.

In 1880, subsequent inventions and patents by Eastman fascinated Henry A. Strong a fellow photographer, he invested into Eastman’s company to form a partnership. The new company was named the Eastman Dry Plate Company. Due to high demand and responsibility of the company, Eastman decided to resign from his part time job Rochester savings bank; in other to fully concentrate into modifying cameras, film, and photo developing.

His concentration paid off, he was able to receive more patent for newer, and more developed inventions. In 1883, he startled industry executives by developing the first film in rolls. Eastman made a statement with his first Kodak camera in 1888, by laying the foundation for making photography available to everyone. The camera was preloaded with 100 exposures,

THE PROJECT PAPER 3 the price was $25.00 and the cost to develop the film was $10.00. The development include returning the entire camera to the manufacture. The pictures were then developed and a new role of film was inserted back into the camera.

In 1882 the Eastman- Strong partnership and new innovations to the Still camera, made way for a new business- the Eastman Kodak company. The company moved to Rochester New York in 1901. Eastman became the treasurer and general manager, while Strong took the position of the president. Products and Services

Kodak is a leading producer of silver halide, paper used for printing film and digital image. Mini-Labs located in retail stores and larger central photo Lab operations. Kodak is also a manufacture of self-service photo Kiosks which produce prints in minutes from digital sources and scans, using thermosublimation printers; Kodak has placed some 80,000 picture Kiosks in retail locations worldwide. Kodak also offer larger devices intended for photo shops, under the brand name of APEX. In addition Kodak, markets pictures to CDs and other photo products such as calendars, photo books and photo enlargements through retail partners such as CVS,Walmark and Target and through its Kodak Gallery online service.

Kodak continues to produce specialty films and film for newer and more popular consumer formats, while it has also discontinued the manufacture of film in older and less popular formats. Kodak first launched the Kodak smart picture frame on the QVC shopping channel in the fourth quarter of 2000, when the majority of consumers did not know about or understand this new digital photo frame category. THE PROJECT PAPER...
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