The Ripple Effects of Ethics

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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Ethics is a code to live by in and out of school. Cheating affects everyone around by diluting the academic experience. After doing the Ethical Lens test I learned a lot about myself. For example I am a rational person who believes in equality, and I like fulfilling duties fairly. I also have my flaws like most people do but as long as I do my work with a high sense of integrity and respect I believe I would not cheat me or my fellow classmates out of a great college experience.A code of conduct gives a guideline on how to treat those around you, whether in a classroom setting or in life. Ethics should be incorporated into everything you do. You always want to do the best you can in life by putting your all into whatever it is you are doing. The Ethic Lens showed me where I am weakest and need to strengthen; also it enabled me to see my blind spot and what I should watch out for. Knowing yourself is key to how you perform around others, by not putting yourself in a position that may compromise you ethically shows self-awareness. Nobody is perfect but I believe by working on our own flaws shows you have integrity and morals because you care how you treat people. Hard work and diligence when it is applied to assignments in school or at work shows others through your actions the level of standards you have, in turn it makes classmates or co-workers put their best effort forward as well. Conducting yourself with integrity and morals inspires others to do the same. By being respectful to your academic career and the people that are with you on this journey doesn’t just help them but it helps you get the most out of your academic experience. No one can thrive in a constantly interrupted learning environment, so by conducting yourself in a respectful manner toward the professor and fellow students enables all parties to maximize on their college experience Life is easier with a guideline for you and that...
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