The Rigors of the College Student Athlete

Topics: College, High school, Football Pages: 4 (1570 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Basic Comp
Dr. Finley

College is an experience that I feel everyone should have a chance, especially the American college experience coeds, parties, dorm life, and coeds. With college though also comes a lot of responsibility. It comes in the form school work. The work load in college can force you to stay up late into the night typing papers and studying for test. That and social life is all most college student have to deal with when away at school. Their commitment to their school only goes as deep as the price they pay for school. For a small percentage it goes farther than that. Student-athletes must represent their schools on the athletic field, while at the same time staying on track in the classroom, having some sort of social life and last but not least getting in the Z’s. An athletic career at the very competitive college is practically a non-paying job that expected to give a large part of your life to. The college work load is of course heavy, some people cannot manage just the school, and must be dealt with or you don’t play. On my list of priorities I you need to get a good amount of sleep to succeed in college as a student-athlete. A body that isn’t well rested won’t think clearly or practice and play efficiently. A student athlete in college has a lot of things to deal with and has to learn to balance their priorities and deal with stress. A good amount of sleep also prevents sickness. Getting sick at the wrong time of the term or semester can really throw you off course in class. Having ample an ample amount of energy and a clear mind are keys to be a step ahead. To achieve this I try to get at least 9 hours of sleep a night. Sleep, I believe, is the key to achieving success as a student-athlete. A mind that is insufficiently rested is dull and will not retain as much information as possible. A tired body on the athletic field can cause you to be complacent on the practice or game field. A weary body can keep you from going all out. Worse...
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