The Rights and Responsibilities of Employers and Employees

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P5: Describe the importance of training in an organisation you know

Once the staffs have been recruited they need to know how to do their job. The main point of training is to make staff better at their job. Staff who are good at their jobs are generally better motivated. As staffs learn new skill through training, they may be promoted to jobs higher up in the business. The extra pay and responsibility that came with a promotion are often good for staff motivation. Training can also help staff meet their personal targets as part of the appraisal process. Induction training is for new staff

Induction training is held for new employees. The aim is to familiarise new staff with the organisation quickly so they become productive and competent as soon as possible. As well as a general health and safety element, induction courses also provide any basic training a person needs to able to do their job safety from the outset. 1. Induction training introduces the new employee to their workplace. It usually starts on the first day of the new job. 2. It includes introducing them to their fellow workers and telling them about company rules. Including health and safety rules. They should be given a tour of the site so they don’t get lose. It may also include some initial training on how to do their new job. 3. It should help to make the new employee feel welcome and comfortable in their new place of work. For example, in the Tesco, the first day of a new employee, the manager should tell what and how to do his work. On-the-job training is learning by doing

Off-the-job training can be internal or external
Training can boost motivation
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