The Right Way to Raise Children

Topics: Sibling, Childhood, Family Pages: 4 (1509 words) Published: May 22, 2013
In the society that we live in today, there are many different opinions as to how to or how not raise children. When it all boils down, the key to a mature, emotionally stable, successful adult is a good childhood. A good childhood does not mean that the child can be protected from every bad thing in life; it just means that you can maintain a healthy parent/child relationship. Children should be comfortable telling their parents anything. The child should be willing to be honest even if being honest means they may get in trouble. Most of all children should obey out of love, not because they are afraid of a time-out or spanking. Each child responds to and requires different kinds of care. Because of this, care should be distributed according to the individual personality of the young one. A parent should not try to raise their child exactly how they were raised, every human being is different. Things that were socially acceptable back in the day may not be socially acceptable now. Children will not feel like their parents are on their level, no matter how many times they are reminded that their parents were kids once. To begin the proper relationship with the child, the parent must begin to instill the desired qualities. Parents should keep in mind that children follow what they see. For that reason a proper example should be set in the home. The parents should not argue in front of the child or allow the child to talk back. By doing so they limit the chance of having a disrespectful teen that yells and argues with the parent in the future. If there are multiple children in the home all should feel like they are equally loved. Parents should be careful not to fuel insecurities; a child with insecurities becomes an adult with problems. How parents respond to the child’s needs is very important. A parent needs to respond to the child’s emotional, physical and mental needs. Never let your child go hungry, bathe them at a regular time, change their diaper on time....
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