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The Right to Wed

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As a child growing up in America I was taught a love and respect for my country. I was taught about our constitution and our laws, and I was taught that according to it all people were created equally. It seems to me we turn a blind eye to this statement when the people who should be treated equally are ones the majority of citizens don’t agree with, or don’t understand so therefore fear. Gay marriage is one of these issues that we as a country cannot come to an agreement on, and that we have a lot of debate over. I think we often look at the argument from a very emotional standpoint by not using logical reasoning, and instead letting our feelings about the topic overrule logical evaluation of it. Homosexuals should be allowed to marry in the United States because it is their legal and religious right to be able to do so.

Many argue for Gay Marriage to be made legal based on civil rights. There are many moments in history which we can look back upon now and may find it hard to understand how the laws and decisions that were made then ever came to pass based on our constitution and the lives we are afforded now. One of these decisions was the Dred Scott decision. “The Dred Scott decision made one very important point, “human beings deserve respect and deserve to be treated with dignity.” (Mosser, 2010, p 5:4). The Dred Scott decision wasn’t about same sex marriages obviously, but it does touch on a key point. We all deserve to be treated as equals with respect and dignity. This issue has been fought over and over again on behalf of different groups who were being denied basic human rights during our history based on race and sex, and we are now going through the same age old battle as before but now on behalf of sexuality. Many of the arguments against Gay Marriage are the same arguments that were once given against women’s rights as well.

Religion is often given as the reason that many cannot support same sex marriages (I will discuss those views in more...

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