The Right to Die Controversy

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  • Published : July 11, 2012
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The Right to Die Controversy
Who are we to say when we should die? Are we trying to play God, or do we just want the right to end the inevitable a little sooner than God’s plan for us? This paper will discuss pros and cons of euthanasia with stories and research. Such as the case of a ninety five year old comma patient, whose family receives the news that she could live for months, years even in a vegetative state on life support; leaving the family questioning whether or not to pull the plug and put an end to what otherwise would be like the “death of a hundred deaths.” Another example of this would be the case of thirteen year old Hannah Jones, whose leukemia therapy has left her with a hole in her heart, leaving her needing a life-saving heart transplant. Hannah says she has endured enough traumas and refuses to get the transplant that could inevitably save her life. There is also the case of Jack Kevorkian the doctor of death who assisted terminally ill patients with suicide to help them end what seemed to him like endless suffering and prolonging of the inevitable death to come. One specific group of people this pertains to would be hospice patients’ and those in nursing homes or hospitals who may feel like there is no end in sight to their suffering, and that they are a financial burden to their families by their rising health care expenses. Patients at the end of life due to incurable illnesses such as cancer, whose pain is so great that the medicines to help with the pain are not strong enough to dissipate it, may ask the question: “Why must I go on living?” Why is it so morally wrong and unethical for humans to choose the right to die? We as humans won’t watch our animals suffer when they’re in pain and euthanize them to stop their suffering. So what makes the choice to end human life a decision only God has the right to answer? Euthanasia comes from a Greek word meaning “good death”. If euthanasia is such, then why is it given such a bad...
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