The Right to Die

Topics: Suffering, Suicide, Death Pages: 4 (1350 words) Published: April 29, 2013
The Right to Die

Mr. Tang Siu Pun, who was nicknamed “Ah Pun”, was once a gymnast. Unfortunately, he had become paralyzed after the accident during his gymnastics display in 1991. After getting injured, he had once sent a letter to the Former Chief Executive, Tung Chee Hwa, asking for legalizing euthanasia. His act had successfully aroused Hong Kong people’s concern. Life, not only especially Tang’s, is tough for those suffering from terminally illness, but euthanasia is a way to save them from the living hell.

Death, for those who are against legalizing euthanasia, means the end of a life, and the total and permanent cessation of all vital functions of an organism (, 2013). However, for us, who support euthanasia, have a different understanding. When life is suffering and pain, death is the solution and measure for a better life. There three major groups of people who ask for euthanasia, those who are asking for ending the pain that they have suffered, people ask for happiness and people ask for human rights.

Euthanasia, which is also called mercy or assisted killing, is a measure for patients to stop the suffering. Cancer patients and other patients who unfortunately get long-term diseases, or like Tang, becoming paralyzed, have to take many different surgery and therapies, for example chemotherapy, radiotherapy and electrotherapy. From all the medical personnel, we know that cancer or other diseases could possibly be cured. However, at the same time there are lots of side effects. They may lose their hair, or get skinner and skinner. No matter how much they want to eat, they just cannot eat as much as they wish. Most importantly, they still have to suffer pain during the treatments. The ooutsiders could never feel the pain they suffered. No one knows how they feel throughout the process. Maybe they want to stop them. Maybe they want to give up. Or, maybe they want to suicide.

Suffering the physical pain during different...
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