The Right Stuff

Topics: Education, Psychology, High school Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: August 26, 2008
The Right Stuff – David Suzuki

“The Right Stuff” written by David Suzuki is a simple essay on the importance of science and sexual education being taught in high school. Though it is a simple essay to read it is not as simple to understand the point he wishes to make across to the reader.

At first he seems to be extending his thoughts on a book titled “Is There Life After High School” and how relationships are formed at the time of adolescents. He attempts to take a scientific approach on how adolescents communicate and associate with peers and others in their community. This attempt is a failed one. He quickly gets more onto the topic of the importance of sexual education and how the school system is failing our youth by not exploring this further. His explanation of how it is possible to gain youths attention and how they are interested in such topics as science has no scientific backing; it is just plainly his experience and opinion on that experience.

Though Suzuki’s intent in the essay isn’t exactly clear, one of the points he does make is important. In particular his comment “In a time of easy access to the most explicit films, videos, magazines and books who can believe its better to keep youngsters ignorant by denying them some accurate facts.” Today’s society has changed drastically in regards to sex and what is or isn’t appropriate, and the teaching of this has fallen to the way side. The need for educating our youth on this topic is very important and if as states (regarding adolescents) “–you’re basically walking gonads…” is true; the interest of sex education will be there.

The topic of human relationships at different stages in life would be an interesting essay to read more on. And the topic regarding the need of sex education in high school is one that I believe and agree with Mr. Suzuki to be very important. I just think that the essay “The Right Stuff” needed to pick one or the other and go more into detail on that subject alone....
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