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The Rich Get Richer

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Courtney Elfstrand
Tom Davis
Sociology 1614
The Rich Get Richer & the Poor Get Prison
People who have committed crimes and got sent to prison for them never really get relief and a chance to start over once they’ve been released. They are constantly reminded of their acts by getting things taken away and harassment by police and parole officers (being likely suspects or being threatened that they will get sent back to prison for doing things that no other citizen would get arrested for. They’re treated like children.

I believe that correctional facilities rehabilitate criminals to an extent. Obviously, some people are just born bad people. They will commit criminal acts no matter what. On the other hand, some people make mistakes and do bad things, but aren’t bad people. Those are the people that should be given second chances, and maybe not forgiven of their crimes, but their crimes could maybe be looked past. There is no way of knowing who the bad people are and who the people who just made a mistake are though. But, if our correctional facilities were doing their job better, it would be easier to weed through the good and the bad.

I don’t know what I would personally do to help reduce and prevent crime, the way that it’s done now is so embedded in my brain that it’s hard to imagine a different way. But, I know that there has to be a different way to handle it and there definitely has to be a better way to prevent and solve it.

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