The Ribena Issue Mismanaged

Topics: Final Solution, Customer service, Consultative selling Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: January 20, 2011
The Ribena issue mismanaged

In the case, the problem is the company that manufactures Ribena claimed the content has 7mg of vitamin ( per 100ml, but it is wrong about the content. This is a very big problem to customer because the information has bring a big misguided to the consumer. - The problem located at New Zealand. - The problem was threat to the community and customers because the customers will nit believe with the company and the company will loss many customers and their sales will fail. The solutions is : - Quarantine Ribena RID from Ribena syrup to protect the parent brand. - Contain brand damage to Australia and New Zealand. - Reduce impact by offering acceptable “ explanations.” - Apologise conditionally and rely on lack of intent of wrong closing as mitigation

APOLOGISE CONDITIONALLY Advantages Disadvantages - The image of the - The misunderstanding of company still maintained the information may at the same level. become more serious - Can get back the - But not really all of the confidence from the comsumer can accept the customer. apologise at the time - To show their sincere to the customer solution.

Quarantine Ribena RID from Ribenna syrup Advantages Disadvantages - Other product from the - The cost of the produce company still can may be affected maintained although the product already quarantined - Still can maintained the - The view of the customer number of the consumer to the brand of the by buying other product Ribena already effected. at the same brand - The product of the Ribena maybe barred by the market.

The final solution is apologise conditionally.

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