The Rhine River

Topics: Rhine, France, Germany Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: February 28, 2013
1. What is the area of the Rhine’s drainage basin? 65,600 square miles 2. In what direction does the Rhine flow? South to North
3. Where is its source? Switzerland
4. Where is its mouth? North Sea
5. How many countries does it flow through? In Luxemburg and Belgium the river just pass around it but in Switzerland, France, Germany and The Netherlands. 6. How far can a boat travel up the Rhine from the mouth? For more than 500 miles 7. In what year did the Rhine become an international waterway? What does this mean? People from any nation could travel on it according to the treaty made in 1831 8. What three major cities are located on the Rhine? Basel, Switzerland; Bonn, Germany and Strasbourg, France 9. Why has the Rhine been called “the sewer of Europe”? (A sewer is where your toilet flush goes). The river Rhine carries more commercial traffic than any other in the world. For centuries people have dumped sewage, wastes and other pollutants into it 10. Name the major tributaries, which join the Rhine. Add them to your map of the Rhine basin with colour. The Neckar river, The main river, The Mosel river , The Ruhr 11. In the Rhine delta, the Rhine splits into two main rivers. What are they called? The Lek and Waal 12. How many people in Europe take their drinking water from the Rhine? 25 milion 13. What three resources are available from/along the Rhine? Irrigation water, Hydroelectric power and trees for lumber 14. Create a timeline showing the arrival of the different groups of people along the Rhine:

15. When was the first bridge over the Rhine built? In 55 B.C 16. What are the names and locations of three canals, which link different river systems in Europe? When were they built and which river systems do they link? In 1810 built the Rhine-Rhone Canal. Opened in 1834 that links with the Saone; The Rhone rivers rises in Switzerland and fws south to the Mediterranean Sea . The III River flows into...
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