The Revolutions of 1848

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The Revolutions of 1848
The Revolutions of 1848 were caused by numerous events taking place in Europe. A range of conflicts that were going on in different countries throughout Europe led up to the proceeding of these Revolutions. For instance, France was awaiting the death of their king Louis Philippe. Germany was going through liberal pressure with their 30 loosely bound states, and Italy was also struggling with all the newly acquired kingdoms. However, the main cause were the rebellions of the new found values known as liberalism, nationalism, and socialism. This in turn unfolded the revolutions that caused even more problems within Europe. The fact that there were major crop failures and a hungry poor working class didn't help the matter, it made everything that much worse. Even though all these events were occurring, no one expected such a drastic result. The revolutions took everyone by surprise and no one was prepared for the violent battles yet to come. These unforeseen conflicts caused the death and torture of tens of thousands of people. There was so much hate and fighting for the next couple of years in Europe. Yet, some of the partakers weren't exactly certain what they were fighting for; they just knew they needed to destroy other potential enemies. Others just followed other social groups thinking they wanted the same things. Thus, there was a lot of confusion during the repetitive battles. Even though the Revolutions of 1848 didn't last that long, their effect and legacy did.

Europe suddenly filled with fighting in 1848. In France, a revolution was brought about in February of 1848 due in part to popular discontent of the voting base. Barricades along city streets were put in place by the working class, and an unruly mob in Paris frightened Louis Philippe into abdicating. This prompted the government to pass many socialist programs, including the development of National Workshops. These workshops were state-owned manufacturing...
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