The Revolution of a Counterculture

Topics: Hippie, New Left, Haight-Ashbury Pages: 4 (1700 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Language Arts 11 A
December 12, 2012

The Revolution of a Counterculture

I see an America full of different people wearing what they want, saying what they want, and being what they want to be. There was a time though, not so long ago, that this was not widely popular or accepted. The transition period from post-World War II America’s shared conventionality to the America you and I live in today was one of the most tumultuous and tormenting times in our nation’s history. It was the closest thing to civil war our nation has seen since the actual civil war, and it was cultivated by a minority of politically active, experimental college aged students. I suppose I owe these radical teenagers some sort of a thank you. Whether it is a good or a bad thing, our country and our lives would be different if they hadn’t introduced the defiance they did in the late 1960s. But why? Why did these young people care enough to riot the streets of major American cities? Why did they begin to challenge the standards of our nation’s music, and television, and fashion? Why did they experiment with drugs and people and the American way of life? That is what I want to know- the why of the 1960s countercultural revolution. Post World War II America thrived with patriotism, the economy flourished, and the government was respected and loved by almost all Americans. The birth rate in the United States was rising, and would reach an all-time high during the late 40’s and into the 50’s. Children born between 1945 and 1950 would come to be labeled the “Baby Boomers”. The Baby Boomers were being raised in a post- war haven of sorts. Parents of these children had been raised in a different world. During most of their lives the nation had been in war, the economy had been less than perfect. Naturally, they dreamed of a better life for their children, and the economy being what it was meant they could satisfy those dreams. During the 1960s not only births would reach an all-time high,...
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