The Revolution of 1800

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Marbury v. Madison Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: January 30, 2011
A war consisting of the lesser side fighting the greater side for things such as rights and/or freedom is what most can call a revolution, and it’s true. That isn’t the only possibility though. The Revolution of 1800 was called a revolution because it was the switch from a federalist president to an anti-federalist president. It was an orderly transfer of power with no violence and no bloodshed. Some say that The Revolution of 1800 was misnamed. But the Revolution of 1800 was named a revolution in the way of how Jefferson handled first economic affairs and then judicial affairs in his presidency. John Adams, the former president before Jefferson and a federalist, was unpopular due to his decision not to go to war with France. With Hamilton’s help plus the anti-federalists’ help, Jefferson got chosen by the House of Representatives. When Jefferson became the president, his loyal anti-federalists were hoping for some patronage. Because of the statement that, “Just because a party loses, doesn’t mean the policies change,” has his once hopeful followers feeling betrayed. Jefferson also left the U.S. Bank in place, as he did for Hamilton’s funding at par. But fortunately Jefferson did take away the excise tax of whiskey. Hamilton also had assumption at large, and Jefferson kept that also. Jefferson was against the idea that Hamilton had that debt was good, which is why he lowered the taxes. With the judiciary affairs, Jefferson had difficulties. John Adams had passed the Judiciary Act, allowing him to appoint federalist judges. The difficult part was that the judges served for life, and Jefferson wanted to get rid of the federalist judges. So Jefferson has John Quincy Adams stop giving the papers to the “Midnight Judges”. Eventually William Marbury sues the government for his papers, in the Marbury v. Madison case. John Marshal is in a tough corner. Go against the president or his federalist ways? The Write of Mandamus ended up coming out telling the president to do...
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