The Review of the Study of Philosophy

Topics: Thought, Human, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (1437 words) Published: September 2, 2012
The review of The Study of Philosophy
1. Introduction
“All men are ‘philosophers’, by defining the limits and characteristics of the ‘spontaneous philosophy’ which is proper to everyone.” Gramsci said. This kind of philosophy consists of language itself, common sense, and last one is popular religion. (A.Gramsci, 1929-1935 the study of philosophy) It means everyone could be a philosopher in some aspect of our life. For example, people could think about an issue in different ways because of the differences of origin of language, habit, and social environment they are living. It’s no longer possible to define a philosopher as an intelligent or professional person who is working at some particular categories of subjects nowadays. People are all philosophers as long as they have their own thoughts. This essay therefore will aim to review the context: ‘the study of philosophy’, written by Gramsci and how philosophy relates to the actual world which produced them.

2. Summary and Commend

According to Gramsci, the awareness and criticism are crucial factors to the aspect of ‘language’. There is a great issue that has been conducted to this theory, the theory is that “it’s better to take part in a conception of the world mechanically imposed by external environment or work out consciously and critically one’s own conception of the world.” (A.Gramsci, 1929-1935 the study of philosophy) These two modes of the way people think are both reasonable to me. First of all, human beings have been considered as social animals. They have been living together since the Stone Age, sharing all information and social environment, leading people to become coherent. Furthermore, there are some advantages of this kind of coherence, which are quite useful to be used in our daily life. For example, once people have same perspective to criticize or judge every little thing, there would be less contradiction in our life and have more agreement on everything. On the other hand, thinking...
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