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Topics: Protagonist, Character, Antagonist Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: May 21, 2012
Characterization of Main Characters in Two Short Stories by Robert Lipsyte „Future Tense“ and Robert Cormier “ In the heat

This essay analyzes two characters in short stories written by Robert Lipsyte and Robert Cormier. The first story “Future Tense” is about a young boy, named Gary, who is stressing about writing an assignment which was given the first day in school by teacher. Another one “In the Heat” tells about youngster Rishy who suffers from his mother’s death. Both authors in their writings show young people problems, expectations and aims in their daily life. Accordingly, in this paper will be reveled differences and similarities between these two characters. Moreover, we will try to characterize both characters in many ways: speaking manner, actions, behavior with others and inner thoughts.

The first story “In the Heat “ is written in first person and it is narrated through the Richy‘s father character: “And at his movement, all we have in common, all that we can share, is a dead woman: my wife, his mother” (Gallo 155). This is significant as this gives us insight into the life and thoughts of father as the story is narrated from his perspective. From father‘s eyes and notices we can imagine Richy experiences and suffer: “Richy is pale despite the heat and the tight collar” (Gallo 157). Through all over the story both teenage boy and his father are quite static characters, their emotions do not change. For instance, at the beginning till the end, they feel the same level of pain of wife’s and mother’s death. To that point, good representation of despair and grief is expressed by father’s words: “My heart is Hirosima and I expect it to be, but a son’s memories should be things of comfort” (Gallo 162). Richy is a simple and typical boy, as it is usual at that time of age: humorous, alive and educated: “He’s tall for his age, fifteen, gaining weight finally after shooting up like an arrow...
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