The Retraction Letter of Rizal

Topics: Love, Sun, Roman Catholic Church Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: May 14, 2013
The Retraction Letter of Rizal
I declare myself a Catholic and in this religion in 
I retract with all my heart whatever in my words,
writings, publications and conduct has been contrary
to my quality as a son of the Catholic Church.
I believe and profess whatever she teaches and I
submit myself to whatever she commands.
I abominate Masonry, as the enemy that it is of the
Church, and as a Society prohibited by the Church.
The Diocesan Prelate can, as the Superior Ecclesiastical
authority, make public this spontaneous manifestation
of mine in order to repair the scandals the my acts have
caused and so that God and the people
may pardon me.

To the Flowers of Heidelberg
Go to my country, go, O foreign flowers, 
sown by the traveler along the road, 
and under that blue heaven 
that watches over my loved ones, 
recount the devotion 
the pilgrim nurses for his native sod! 
Go and say  say that when dawn 
opened your chalices for the first time 
beside the icy Neckar, 
you saw him silent beside you, 
thinking of her constant vernal clime. 
Say that when dawn 
which steals your aroma 
was whispering playful love songs to your young 
sweet petals, he, too, murmured 
canticles of love in his native tongue; 
that in the morning when the sun first traces 
the topmost peak of Koenigssthul in gold 
and with a mild warmth raises 
to life again the valley, the glade, the forest, 
he hails that sun, still in its dawning, 
that in his country in full zenith blazes. 
And tell of that day 
when he collected you along the way 
among the ruins of a feudal castle, 
on the banks of the Neckar, or in a forest nook. 
Recount the words he said 
as, with great care, 
between the pages of a worn-out book 
he pressed the flexible petals that he took. 

Carry, carry, O flowers, 
my love to my loved ones, 
peace to my country and its fecund loam, 
faith to its men and virtue to its women, 
health to the gracious beings 
that dwell within the...
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