The Resolution Is "The Minimum Legal Drinking Age Should Be Age 25"

Topics: Drinking culture, Alcoholism, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: March 9, 2013
The resolution is "The minimum legal drinking age should be age 25" Definitions:
Drinking – consumption, possession, or purchasing of alcoholic beverages. I will argue that such a law will (a) protect oneself from harm (b) protects others from harm

(a)Protect oneself from harm

The government to some extent should protect us from unreasonable and preventable harms. Certain drugs are illegal. There are seatbelt and helmet laws. Gambling is heavily regulated. People cannot always make the most rational decisions and these decisions could have detrimental permanent effects on the lives of one.

Overall, any benefit or joy alcohol can bring is minimal compared to the greater harms alcohol causes. Although alcohol is harmful to everyone, alcohol harms adolescents much more than older adults. One's brain does not complete development until the age of 25. This time marks a critical period for neurodevelopment. The mind has not fully formed its critical and rational thinking abilities. [1] Studies show that alcohol is deterrent to the process [2] Not only does alcohol consumption affect the brain, it also affects female maturation and reproduction abilities during adolescents [3]. Not only that, but because of an adolescents inability to rationally think or make good judgments, they are more likely to binge drink or engage in heavy alcohol consumption than any other group[4], an action that has obvious negative health effects include liver and brain problems. Many suicides, homicides, motor vehicle accidents and accidental falls are alcohol related [5]. Homicide suicide and accidents are the three leading causes of death among teens. [6] It is unnecessary that alcohol causes the deaths and harmful effects of hundreds of thousands of youth.
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