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The Resiliency of a Filipino

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The Resiliency of a Filipino

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The Resiliency of a Filipino
by William G. Bacani
B : Filipino is resilient
G : Since time immemorial, we are tested by countless calamities; volcanic eruptions, devastating earthquakes and laharf lows, super typhoons, flash floods and landslides. B : Victoriously, we surmounted these ordeals and pains, beyond imagination of the human race G : Instant death of our loved ones, claimed by transportation mishaps and natural disasters. Thousands also die in hunger and malnutrition. All : Including ambushes and endless wars in Mindanao. They trampled our basic human rights, such as the right to live G (solo) : I lost my loving husband, who didn't want to join Abu Sayyaf. G (solo) : I lost my only son, who opted to become a military man. G : We lost our innocent children and women, we lost our homes and properties. B : Survivors are Filipinos. The wrath of nature and cruel destiny may steal everything from us. B (solo) : Wealth, properties, and family

All : But the Filipinos never give up
B : For us we are continuously scourged by the test of time. The spirit to survive and to bounce back remains undefeated All : I'm as pliant as a bamboo for I'm a man of Earth
G : My hair may all be blown away by the winds
B : And my legs may be crippled by the smash of waves
All : But I will stand and pick up the shattered pieces of myself and continue to live B : Resolute to survive, clothed with an inspiration to live, not only for my family but also for my beloved country All : Filipinos unite in the midst of crisis, regardless of socio-economic status, tradition and creed G : The world has seen the magnanimous spirit of the Filipinos in crucial times. All : The gap between the rich and the poor was narrowed

G (solo) : Envy was replaced by sympathy
G (solo) : Hatred was conquered by love
B (solo) : Selfishness was set aside
B : And saving one's live is the ultimate desire
All : History tells us that the Filipinos have captured innumerable foes, natural and not. And...

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