The Reserch Paper on the Kite Runner

Topics: Hazara people, Khaled Hosseini, Social class Pages: 8 (2638 words) Published: December 30, 2012
The thematic research of The Kite Runner: The everlasting love and the courageous life


一. The introduction:

二. The thematic research:

1. Class Consciousness, Redempetion and Forgiveness:

2. The relationship between Amir and his father:

3. The Relationship between Amir and Hassan: Hassan as a scape goat

三. The symbols:

1. The Kite

2. The Harelip

四. The conclusion:

一. Introduction:

Living in a war-trodden area, the life will spark just for love . For love , we will feel the life is warm . And that is what I have learn from the novel. As a diplomat’s child, the author leads a better life than any other Afghanisan child. Hewever, he is sensitive as well. Borning into a wealth family doesn’t spoil his nature. Oppositely, he uses his pen to write what he had seen and learnt. First of all, he sensed the uneven class issues. For it, he created the figure like Hassan. He taught us the royality of human lies in their personality instead of their class , which breaks the myth of Afghanisan society. He brought the noble notion to people and eliminate the uneven barrier between the two classes. He is just like a prophet for this point. Secondly, he sensed the flawness of the human being. People always need a redemption. Rare people make no mistake even for the characters like Amir and Amir’s father. Nobody is flawless. That is why the writer points out it and provides a solution as well_ if we want to wiser and grown up than ever, we shouldn’t dare to make mistake and mend it. Then we will get a lesson and grow up finally. In this process, we will get redemption and forgiveness. And the two elements are indespensible at the same time. Thirdly, the writer uses the vivid descriptions to depict how the two relationships among Amir, Amir’s father and Hassan evloved, In this course, we will find the true side of love. That is to say, love includes scar, tears and persperation. Without the three elements, life wouldn’t complete. That is why, I will choose the three topics to illustrate in my paper.

二. Thematic Research

1. Class Consciousness, Redempetion and Forgiveness:

After I read about the first three chapters, I was enchanted by the exotic atmosphere and the innocent dialogue between the two children previously. However, I must say that I was very suprised by the selfish behavior of the main character but also touched by his tremandous transformation. To some extend, it is just like a journey from cowardice to brave, from selfishness to selfishlessness, which brings much shock beyond my imagination.  

From the early age, we were taught by the adults that all men are equal. However, the reality doesn’t go like that. After our society is entering into an industrial society, we begin to distinguish between the good and the bad, the wealth and the poor and most importantly, the high class people and the low class people. However, this kind of plague is overspread in some specific countries especially like Afghanistan. In this country, people call the low class people as Hazara who serves as the servant in this country. The writer describes this kind of people ambivalently since the class concept and the brotherhood between him and his friend Hassan are conflicting. It is just like a knot for the main character “Amir.” With this kind of conflict, Amir chooses an inmature attitude towards it. He put his presents in Hassan’s room and cheated his father to push Hassan away from his life. For this kind of betraying, Amir’s mind is interwoven by love and hatre always. And for his sinister behaviors, the past is haunted in his heart always in his later life.  

Besides the class issue, I think one of the core of this book is forgiving, especially forgiving ourselves. In the previous part of the work, Amir’s father seems like a giant who builds the orphanage and manages the sucessful resturants. Compared with his son, Amir, he is courageous and brave. For this...
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