The Research Methodology of the Effects of Chinese Social Media on Chinese Market

Topics: Scientific method, Sampling, Research Pages: 8 (2210 words) Published: October 29, 2010
1. Introduction
This study elaborates on the process of research methodology which was designed for collecting the scientific data to justify the effects of Chinese social media on Chinese market. It designed by graphically describing of the hypotheses relations from the research question. The positivism of research was then mentioned. Next it provided particular processes of research design, sampling, data collection, scales and questionnaire design on justification of hypotheses. This study concluded in the ethical consideration in using this research methodology.

2. Research Question
Following the objective of justifying the effects of Chinese social media on Chinese market, there are some research questions that were considered in this study: 1. What is the role of Chinese social media in Chinese market development? 2. What is the relationship between Chinese social media and Chinese consumer and how does it affect Chinese consumer behaviour? 3. What kinds of strategy are companies used when they use Chinese social media to promote their products or services?

3. Research Philosophies
Through the research questions, some hypotheses can be listed at here: 1. Chinese social media can help a company building brand name. 2. Company can use Chinese social media as a tool to increase their online sales. 3. Chinese social media can help companies to perfect their services. 4. Chinese social media can affect Chinese customer choices. 5. Chinese social media can be convenient for customers communicating their experiences and thinking on products. 6. Chinese social media can help company to attract potential customer. 7. Company can be associated with their fans through Chinese social media, [pic]

For the objectives to scientifically justify these hypotheses, an appropriate research methodology can provide scientific and systematic data though the processes of research methodology.

A good research methodology can easily find the evidences to help justifying the hypotheses. It also can provide the logical and rational data to create a clear relationship (like above graph) with each hypothesis to help understanding the topic and the process of whole researching.

However, an irrational research methodology will lead to whole study getting into a wrong way. Irrational research design, bad sampling method, wrong data collection, inaccurate scale, and illogical questionnaire design are all of the factors that make the research justification inaccurate.

In this study, a rational research methodology can help researching how Chinese social media affects the Chinese market. The objective of research is justifying the rationale of topic, as well as the research methodology is the tool to help this justification. The research methodology determines the quality of the conclusion from the scientific data. Therefore, the research methodology should design carefully in the specific procedures and methods. The useful results from the rational research methodology can better reach the objectives of the study.

4. Research Design
Research design is a key component of research methodology, it determine the particular plan of research to guide the study finding the most valid and reliable result from the research procedures. It is the structure of whole research that shows all the key elements through the research procedures.

There are two major research designs which are quantitative and qualitative used in finding the results. In this study, the quantitative research design is more appropriate for finding the most valid and reliable result to justify the positive relationship between Chinese social media and Chinese market.

There are many different types of quantitative research design, such as experiment, case study, longitudinal design, and cross-sectional design.

Experimental Study: It takes measurements and some sort of intervention that see what happened among many different groups.

Case Study: It takes the...
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