The Requirements for a Cement Mill

Topics: Cement, Portland cement, Cement kiln Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: May 6, 2012
The Portland cement productive technology is representative in the cement production, it use limestone and clay as raw materials, after crushing, dosing and levigating the raw material was fed to cement rotary kiln , calcined into clinker, then levigate into cement by add moderate gypsum( sometimes add some mix material or admixture) . For the preparation methods of raw material are different, cement production can be dry (include semi-dry) process and wet (include semi-wet) process. Portland cement ① dry process. Drying all materials at the same time then grinding the material or first drying the grinded raw material powder then feed to the dry kiln and calcine into clinker. However, there is another way, add some water into the raw material powder to make the raw material ball, and then feed to kiln to calcined to clinker, this is called semi-wet process, also belongs to the dry process. Wet process, which is generally conducted by filling water into the raw material, grinding the wet raw material into raw slurry, and then feeding it into kiln to burn into clinker. Or dehydrate the wet processed prepared raw slurry into raw lump and then feed it into kiln to burn into clinker, which is semi-wet process, still remaining kind methods of wet process. Main advantage of dry process is low heat consumption (Energy consumption for dry process kiln clinker production line with preheater is 3140~3768 J/Kg). The disadvantages are: raw material not easy admixture even, big dust emission in workshop and high power consumption. Wet process is with following advantages: easy to operate, easy to control the raw ingredients, superior quality of products, easy to convey slurry and low dust emission in workshop, with disadvantage of high heat consumption (Heat consumption of clinker production is generally 5234~6490 J/Kg). For improving the efficiency of production line, hardware facility is the key point. Cement mill, cement rotary kiln and other auxiliary equipments must be...
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