The Republic of Plato

Topics: Virtue, Justice, Plato Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Injustice- What Socrates and the Crimson Chin Don’t Like
In The Republic of Plato, Socrates discusses his view on the virtue of justice and injustice. He believes both injustice and justice are very important parts of virtue that explains the sense of what is right or wrong. Socrates has always told his followers why the sense of justice is such a good thing to learn and never really why injustice will get people nowhere. But in the story, The Republic of Plato, Socrates explains the difference between justice and injustice and the good and bad of justice and injustice. Socrates believes that justice is something that needs to be learned by a person and those who use the concept of injustice are not doing any good to themselves or the community. Rather causing harm to themselves and everyone around them, putting peoples view of them as unjust.

Socrates states that injustice does no good for a person, only bad. He gives many examples on why he feels as though injustice is so harmful. One example uses a horse where Socrates says, “Do horses that have been harmed become better or worse,” and Polemarchus responds by answering the question, “Worse” (335b). In another example he uses is a dog, with respect to the horse, where he asks, “And when dogs are harmed, do they become worst with respect to the virtue of dogs and not to that of horses” (335b-c). Socrates’ points in these examples are if a human hurts an animal for doing something in retrospect to their nature, then the human is unjust. This is because no one benefits from the situation; the animal is being hurt for doing its regular set functions and the human will be seen as a cruel unjust person for it. Socrates believes that the only time you may harm someone and it is not seen as unjust is when you harm a bad man or enemy (335b).

Socrates associates a lot of the difference with awarding good men and harming bad men. Socrates believes good men are those who follow virtuous deeds and bad men are those...
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