The Representation of Australian Identities Through Images

Topics: Julia Gillard, Social psychology, Stereotype Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Image 1
Support for flood-affected Queenslanders at the Gabba
Support for flood-affected Queenslanders at the Gabba

This photograph has been extracted from an article on the news website: “The Australian”. Taken in January 2011, it shows Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the Gabba Sporting ground in Queensland at their first major sporting event since the floods of December 2010. This Image is intended to promote Julia Gillard’s image as a caring and community minded Australian. The reason this is being promoted is to gain more support for her and her party. Knowing this, it is evident that the intended audience is those citizens who are of voting age (over 18).

A sense of community and caring would not be evident in this image without the people and their body language and expressions. The diversity of people (being old, young, politicians or sports fans) in the image indicates that our Prime Minister interacts with people of all parts of society and considering the context of the floods; it is also evident that she helps those who have suffered. The people in the image also indicate how Australia as a society works and how we interact with one another. The fact that so many types of people from our society are shown in the image represents our sporting community in Australia. It is evident that we come together through sporting events like this.

Showing Julia Gillard in a positive light is not a common occurrence in our newspapers. The ideology of the image in regards to the Prime Minister makes us see her outside politics and as ‘one of us Auzzies’. This challenges our ideas of her as we are used to see her quarreling with opposing politicians and dealing with serious national and international issues. Seeing a community-minded, caring side of our Prime Minister expands our opinions of Julia Gillard in a positive manner. The Ideology of our sporting community however, is re-enforced...
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