The Report of Internship

Topics: Shenzhen, Employment, Work Pages: 5 (1807 words) Published: May 12, 2011
A month has passed, and my internship experience is over too. Looking back the working experience, I learned a lot and benefit from the valuable experience. But I think it is only the beginning of my future work and my dream. There is a long way for me to go and I have a lot of things to learn in the future. It will be full of challenges and unexpected conditions in the work, but I will try my best to overcome the difficulties and complete my job. This kind of determination is just acquired from this experience. During the month I worked as an assistant in the office. I learned a lot by observing, questioning and doing things. Through a month’s work I got a general idea of the secretary’s work in a company, though I did not do many things. From my perspective, responsibility, good attitude, punctuality are important qualities for an excellent employee. Now I will give a report about my internship.

Before the start of the work, we listened to two lectures about translation. The first lecture was given by a woman manager of translation company. She set up the company on her own, which is very extraordinary and outstanding. As we know, to set up a company is very hard. She really did a good job, and I quite admire her. The theme of this lecture is how to manage yourself properly. She discussed with us on the quality that need in the work. We came up with many a character like confidence, attitude, appearance and competency etc. She also expressed her opinion on the matter which inspired us a lot. And in the afternoon we were given a lecture on the EST( English for science and technology). We got a lot of vocabularies about science and technology that we never touched before.

Then I prepared to my intern company. After a 24-hour journey on the train, I came to Guangzhou. And I went to Shenzhen where the company lies. I registered in the company and the staff was very nice to me. They gave me greetings on my trip on the train, then arranged a dorm foe me to live. They also gave me a brief introduction on the company. The firm was set up in 2000, and it was expanding gradually. Now it deals with many products including PCB, the major item. Through its efforts, it has become the supplier of some famous enterprise like Lenovo, Hair, Sumsung, etc. Moreover, the firm employs the ERP management system in order to meet the needs of the advanced management and serve the customer in more quality service. To protect the environment and cater to the ROHS standard of European Union, the fully started the regulation measures against the poisonous matters, which make it a green plant at present. The concept of management in the company is human first, environment friendly, exploit and innovation as well as sustainable development. The guide line for the production is process regulation, constant improvement pursuit in high quality and to meet the needs of clients. This is part of the corporate culture, which is excellent and beneficial to the development of the company. Maybe this is why the company grows so rapidly.

After everything was all right, I began my work. It was the first time that I had been to the office. I was a little excited but nervous because I have no idea of what kind of job I wound take. They showed the office to me and we visited the production line. Every worker was carefully working and the clerks were performing their duties. Then I got some documents and materials regarding the company, from which I got a general idea of the business line and the kinds of products they deal in. They mainly specialize in electronics products. Some names of the items were completely new to me, so I would ask the employee who was not busy in a humble way. They usually explained it to me patiently.

Then I was assigned to pick up the telephone and receive the fax. This is the basic part of the assistant job. Although it looks like a small and easy task, it’s essential for the green hand like me. When the phone...
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