The Renassance and Romanticism

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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From the beginning of time art has played a major part of our lives, from early man drawing crude stick figures depicting a hunt, to a mother singing a lullaby to her infant as she rocks her child to sleep; Art has shaped our lives in one way or another. During the Renaissance many significant advances in the arts were made during this historical time period. The Renaissance was the defining period of time for the art and humanities, it is known as the period of rebirth of classical art, literature, and architecture. Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance due to vast coastal cities that did much trade during this time; The Renaissance was the period of time from the 14 through 16 century which marked the transition from the medieval period to modern times. Much growth was made in the area of humanities as people became more educated and craved the finer things in life, The new middle class was flourishing and used art as a way to display their wealth and standing in the community. Along with leisure time came the advancements in education and entertainment which fueled the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci was a well-known artist of the Renaissance period and has produced many well-known works of art, the Mona Lisa, and The last Supper are two of his most noted pieces of art. One of my favorite pieces of art created by Leonardo da Vinci is titled Female Head; it has also been named The Lady of Disheveled Hair (La Scapigliata) (Leonardo da Vinci, 2002) (Western Governors University , 2011)

It is fascinating to me to see how one time period transitions into the next and how art and thinking evolves, it never completely breaks from the earlier period and how things were done, the new period just enhances the previous time period and moves forward more strongly, or it has responses which contradict the previous time period altogether. Romanticism or the romantic period; came about...
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