The Removalist

Topics: The Removalists, Power, Authority Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: May 31, 2013
“The Removalist’s” Written by David Williamson.

The Removalist’s written by David Williamson demonstrates how power is maintained throughout the use of violence and manipulation. In the play ‘The Removalist’s’ Sergeant Dan Simmonds belittles new recruit Constable Neville Ross with the use of his power. Male dominance is clearly shown in the text. The police have authority and abuse their power.

Male identity and dominance is connected to violence. Simmonds and Ross make themselves out to be powerful and tough. Simmonds belittles Ross because of his authority as Sergeant, which is shown by rude remarks such as “Listen Bone Brain”… “What else did they teach you, Ross? How to make an arrest. Eh? How to make an arrest?” This quote shows Simmonds authority in which makes Ross look un-trained and un-professional.

Kate Le Page sister of Fiona Carter uses her Familial position over Fiona as her older sister. Kate seems to think that she can make Fiona’s decisions for her, this is shown by Kate saying “Simmonds: I take you will use this evidence for divorce. Kate: She will, if she’s got any sense at all.” This shows Kate’s authority, but also her protection as Fiona’s older sister.

Power associated with wealth and position is shown in the play by Simmonds telling Ross that money doesn’t matter at his age. You can see this by Simmonds saying, “The money is not good Ross… “How old are you, Ross? Ross: twenty. Simmonds: Money’s not important to your boy!” this quote makes you think Simmonds is discouraging Ross into the force.

Male dominance, Familial position and power over wealth and position is are all connected to violence throughout ‘The Removalists’. Williamson has addressed society’s view on the power people have, in a way that most people can relate to through different perspectives.
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