The Reluctant Workers

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Bus 375 – Project Management

Homework Assignment #1

Strayer University

1. Identify and analyze three of the core skills that were at play in the case of the reluctant

workers, referencing the ten skills described in Chapter 4.

In the Reluctant Workers case study there were three core skills directly related to proficiency in effective program management at play: Team Building, Conflict Resolution and Leadership. I will discuss these three core skills along with an analysis of the way Tim Aston the young project manager exercised his effectiveness skills. Will also discuss the degree of support the company provided the project manager and to what extent he received it. And the order for both the senior execution and the project manager to become effective leaders recommendations will be made relative to personnel and resource allocation. Team Building

A project managers has a lot of different responsibilities such as team management, conflict resolution, scheduling, planning. Tim Aston, a young newly hired Project Manager arrived on the job excited about his new position. Tim wanted to be the best project manager this company had ever hired. After Tim was on the job for a while, he was unable to motivate his employees and decided to meet with the Director of Project Management to address this issue and other concerns. Kerzner (2009) has described in detail that to be effective, the program manager must provide an atmosphere conducive to team work. He must nurture a climate with the following characteristics: Team members committed to the program, Good interpersonal relations and team spirit, The necessary expertise and resources, Clearly defined goals and program objectives, Involved and supportive top management, good program leadership, open communication among team members and support organizations and a low degree of detrimental interpersonal and intergroup conflict.

Kerzner (2009) goes on...
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