The Reluctant Worker

Topics: Leadership, Management, Project management Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: May 22, 2013
The Reluctant Worker

The Reluctant Worker

Tim Aston recently took on a new project management position with a new company. Tim, had great expectations on what the experience was going to bring, as highly motivated as he was, he soon found the job much more demanding than expected. Tim meet with many difficult situations quickly as the project progressed. I will take some time to explain these situations and some of the tool’s he could have used to make the project flow smother.

Team building is one of the most important of the ten core building skills in my opinion. Proper team building is very significant in any project and should be formed in the early stages of the project. If Tim would have taken more time in the beginning forming his team, by laying out his exceptions of the project, also what were the key objectives for project completion. Then his team would have known what was needed of them. Tim also should have spent some time with each of his members of the team, to learn more about their role within the company and some about their personal situations. This is important in building team cohesion, allowing a personal and human touch to the project. Having a team that is more in touch with each other, usually leads to a productive and pleasant work environment. Tim did show good team building skills, by trying to communicate with the members of his team.

Leadership, as with team building should also be shown at the beginning stages of the project. Without good leadership, the project will not succeed. Tim should have shown he was in charge of the project from the beginning. I think some of the mistakes that he made were allowing the meetings to change and by letting some of the member’s to leave before the meetings were over. Proper planning and creative moments were clouded, with the needing of employees to leave. Tim could...
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