The Religions in Tudor Dynasty

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The Religions in Tudor Dynasty

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Sentence outline


Key words

1. Introduction

2. Henry VIII and the Reformation

3. Religious changes under Edward VI

4. Mary I and the return to Catholicism

5. Elizabethan Religion

→ A short presentation of Puritanism

6. Conclusions



Sentence Outline


The main idea of the Introduction is that during the Tudor Dinasty the religion changed constantly , from the Catholicism to Protestantism, according to the views of the reignig monarch.

2. Henry VIII and the Reformation

The chapter "Henry and the Reformation" presents an important event that changed the History of England Church : the break with Rome in 1533 - that triggered the reform of the English Church.

3.Religious changes under Edward VI

In the third chapter entitled "Religious changes under Edward VI" , the principal idea is that in the reign of Edward VI the England fully entacted to Protestant Reformation.

4.Mary I and the return to Catholicism

In the fourth chapter, "Mary I and the return to Catholicism", is presented the reign of the first Queen of England,Mary I, she reinstated the Catholicism and she renewed the allegiance with Rome.

5.Elizabethan Religion

The main idea of the chapter "Elizabethan Religion" is that in the reign of the last monarh of the Tudor Dinasty a lasting settlement was worked out in England, the English Church became Protestant.

6. Conclusions

In conclusion,in the sixteenth century,during the Tudor Dynasty, the religious culture of England changed from Catholicism to Protestantism four times; England had moved in a Protestant direction in the course of Elizabeth’s reign.


The paper presents the religious changes during the Tudor Dynasty. Tudor religions carred from Catholicism to Protestantism and was dictated by the view of the each reigning monarch. King Henry VIII ( 1509-1547 ) broke the ties of the English Church with Rome and he became head of the Church of England. His son, Edward VI ( 1547- 1553 ) introduced a uniform Protestant service in England. Queen Mary I ( 1553-1558 ) reinstated the Catholicism because she believed passionately in Catholic religion. And Queen Elizabeth I ( 1558-1603 ) restored Protestarism as the official religion.So, the sixteenth century represented a period of radical change for the religious culture of England.

Key words

▪ Dynasty

▪ Religion

▪ Catholic

▪ Protestant

▪ Reformation

▪ Church

▪ Worship


My project presents the religious changes during the reigns of four Tudor monarchs : Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I. In the course of the sixteenth century, the religious culture of England underwent radical change. Tudor religions changed constantly during the Tudor Dynasty and was dictated by the views of the reigning monarch. The two major religions in Tudor England were the Catholic and Protestant religions.

The religion of Tudor England careered from the Catholic to Protestant religions according to, how I just said, wishes of the reigning King or Queen. King Henry VII ( 1485 – 1509 ) adhered to the Catholic faith. King Henry VIII ( 1509 – 1547 ) was raised as a devout Catholic and his daughter Mary was brought up in this faith. In 1521 he received the title "Defender of the Faith" from Pope Leo X for his opposition to Martin Luther and the Protestant reformation. He then fell in love with Anne Boleyn and in order to divorce Katherine of Aragon he broke his ties with the Catholic Church and the Church of England was established and King Henry VIII became head of...
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