The Religion of Islam Through the Ages

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The Religion of Islam Through the Ages


The Religion of Islam Through the Ages
The Islamic religion is by far one of the most misinterpreted today within the United States. Beginning as a branch off from Judaism, Islam preaches the same beginnings as that of Christianity. The religion itself respects other prophets as Jesus and Moses are considered within the Quran. The Quran differs in that its teachings followers believe to have been written by ‘Allah’, the one God, however, some argue it was by Mohammad the prophet. The following will give a brief overview of the origins, the increase in America today, statistics of the growth, and the Architecture of the Islamic movement. Origins

Islam originated in the Middle East. While Islam did not originate in the United States, Muslims have been present in the United States of America since the time of Columbus. Muslims immigrated into the United States from Spain and Africa. “In addition, between 14 and 20 percent of the African slaves brought to America from the 16th to the 19th century were Muslims, although they were forced to convert to Christianity. Other Muslims, particularly Indians and Arabs, also immigrated as free persons during this period and were able to maintain their spiritual, cultural and social identity” (Esposito, 2007, p. 1) Most often Islam is attributed to Mohammed, as he is a holy figure in the world of Islam. Many believe prior to Mohammad’s birth in c.570, the writings of the Quran existed in some context, however, the written explanations are attributed to Mohammad revealing the sacred word of Allah during his lifetime as it was shown to him as a prophet of ‘Allah’. The Quran has the first five books of Moses and than similar stories of the Christian bible. However, ‘Allah’ and Mohammand put the Quran together during various stages of Mohammad’s life. “The text is divided into chapters known as suras, and verses known as ayat, which means signs” (Bowker, 2002). In a short 100 years Islam spread around the Mediterranean. (Fischer, 2003, p. 125) Islam has had massive growth into the United States and remains one of the largest religions in the United States today. Islam in America

Islam is one of the fastest growing religions within the world and is rapidly increasing within the United States. About sixty percent of America's Muslims brought their faith with them upon migrating to the United States during the 1960's, while thirty percent of them have converted from other religions. African American's make up the majority of this scenario. Many slaves shipped through the Transatlantic Slave route were taken from the Eastern and Western coasts of Africa. Islam was introduced to the regions of Ghana, Mali and Songhai through multiple trade routes and trade centers. Trade and commerce also paved the way for new elements of material and religious culture through literacy, architecture. America also gave birth to the movement of “Black Muslims” converted under a movement lead by the Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X and Warith Deen Muhammad. Malcolm X announced himself as a messenger of Allah. Many African American's converted from Christianity due to the belief that the religion was introduced as a way to impose oppression. A number proof movements developed to bring the former slaves back to here suppressed ancestral faith. In 1913 Nobel Drew Ali began a movement called the Moorish Science Temple of America, which gave African Americans a strong sense of their own identity. The immigration of Muslims to the United States began in the late nineteenth century. Most came from Lebanon and Syria and some of these immigrants, both Christian and Muslim, settled in Boston area Seven Muslim families who settled in Quincy Point worked to maintain their Islamic faith and practice in Quincy. In 1934, these seven families joined with other Arabic-speaking Muslims in the area to form a cultural, social, and charitable...
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