The Relevance of Dress Code Policy in educational Institutions

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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The relevance of dress code policy implementation in education institution has been debated among students start from many years ago. Many authors have conducted the research on this issue in order to find out the actual situation and perception from students and administration side. This situation also happened in Unikl IPROM campus. Most of Unikl IPROM students are having problem with the dress code implementation. They feel that it is not relevance to apply in Unikl IPROM city campus since it would affect their confidence feeling when attending class. However, the administration is not agree with student perception because, professionally the dress code policy is able to produce a good attitude and could discipline students. Therefore, in this research, a deeply study on the relationship of dressing and confidence level has been conducted which will clarified the relevance of implementation from students point of view. Undeniable, from the observation, most of students are disobey the dress code rules, which generally still wear the round neck shirt to attend class, unless it is really required to wear the formal attire. As expected, most of students are disagreed with the statement which said the way of dressing would affect the confidence feeling. However, on the dress code implementation issue, the result from research is quite unexpected and not as per observation that has been made on the early study. At the end of research, it is shown that the number of students who agreed and disagreed with dress code implementation is almost equal. Majority, the students who agreed with the dress code policy is from management courses, which majoring in Engineering of Business Management (EBM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Engineering of Manufacturing System (MSE). These courses are exposed to management skills and most of subjects taken are required to be in formal attire. Therefore, this situation has made them familiar and comfortable when wearing the formal...
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