The Relationship of Francis and His Father

Topics: Typhoid fever, Frank McCourt, English-language films Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: October 20, 2012
The Relationship Between Francis and his Father
In the memoir Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt, the reader learns that the relationship between Francis and his father, Frank, is distant, sympathetic and guilt-driven. Francis has a distant relationship with his father, he was not present when Francis was rushed to the hospital by a doctor followed closely by his worried mother, who had already lost several children to serious illnesses, and however his father did not come with. His father visited him only once during his recovery in the hospital from a case of life threatening typhoid fever, “I’d like to see my father but I’m out of danger crisis time is over and I’m only allowed one visitor” (McCourt). In the hospital Francis’s father who rarely shows him affection, kissed him on the forehead for the first time in his life. Though Francis’s father cares about him, there relationship is distant due to a lack of presence and affection. Francis’s Father displays sympathy for Francis when Francis receives special privileges to have visitors, although he only visits one time he supports Francis by holding his hand and helping him get a drink. Frank also encourages Francis’s recovery when he is hospitalized, telling him he will get stronger after he has a blood transfusion. Francis’s father also shows his sympathy for his ill son by sending him notes informing him on family life, and reminding him to pray. Frank is sympathetic for Francis because he holds his hand when he is weak, encouraging him to get well, and writing him letters. The relationship between Frank and Francis fueled by guilt, while hospitalized Francis’s mother brings him a chocolate bar, something they could never afford while receiving government unemployment checks, proving his father is working. Frank also looks sad when he is asked to leave the hospital because he thinks his son will die, but he never returns when he is informed that Francis will be fine. The relationship between Francis and...
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