The Relationship of Culture and Development

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  • Published: November 3, 2010
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The Relationship of Culture and Development

The center of attention is to see the relationship between culture and development by understanding both the phenomenon’s conceptually. It also identifies the importance of culture in the process of development, especially with reference of developing countries like Pakistan.

Understanding Culture
For sociologists, culture remains a general concept that serves to draw our attention to the fact that humans develop social solutions to their individual and species problem (Kantilla 2002).Culture is a term that should indicate different things to different peoples. To some, culture is just singing, music and dancing, as (Ayoade, 1989) quoted “People trivialize the limitless scope of the term with definitions of culture as simply music, singing and dancing. To them, the goal of culture is nothing but entertainment”. To Kantilla (2002), to survive and prosper as a species, humans have developed “ways of doing things”. This notion will serve as a preliminary definition for a central concept in the study of human behaviour; culture. So, one thing is clear, culture is derived from the actions of human being. Theodorosons (1969) also provides a definition of culture; the way of life a social group; the groups total man made environment including all the material and non material products of group life that are transmitted from one generation to another. Andah (1982) presented a more embracing definition: Culture embraces all the material and nonmaterial expressions of a people as well as the processes with which the expressions are communicated. It has to do with all the social, ethical, intellectual, scientific, artistic, and technological expressions and processes of a people usually ethically and/ or nationally or supra-nationally related, and usually living in a geographically contiguous area; what they pass on to their successors and how these are passed on. Parekh (2007) provides a comprehensive...
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