The Relationship Between Work Environment Factors and Transfer of Training Among Plantation Workers

Topics: Education in Malaysia, Spearman's rank correlation coefficient, Training Pages: 13 (4223 words) Published: June 11, 2012
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The relationship between work environment factors and transfer of training among plantation workers Ooi Ang Ling1, Phuah Hui Woon2 and Koh Huei Ven3
Faculty of Management and Human Resource Development

ABSTRACT Training transfer is an essential aspect in determining the effectiveness of a training program. It is a lost to an organization if there is a failure of transfer training to the job since the organization had invested considerable time and money on HRD programs. This study focused on identifying the relationship between work environment factors and transfer of training among plantation workers. Fifty respondents were involved in the research. Questionnaire was used as the instrument to collect the data. Data were analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) through Descriptive Statistic, Spearman correlation and Regression. The findings showed that there was a weak but significantly relationship between opportunity to perform and transfer of training. Besides that, supervisor support also illustrated a low and significant relationship with transfer of training. However, the findings revealed that peer support did not significantly affect the transfer of training. On the other hand, the research also showed that the dominant work environment factor which affected transfer of training among the employees was opportunity to perform. It is suggested that the future research should be focused on the peer support factor to identify whether the different level of peer support will affect the transfer of training. Keywords: work environment; transfer of training; plantation workers; relationship; training effectiveness Introduction In this new era of global competition, the varying marketplace and rapid technological advances require a more flexible and competent workforce (Nikandrou et al., 2009). Business today goes globally and it requires more educating and training workers to meet the new challenges (Werner and DeSimone, 2009). Training is necessary to the healthy functioning of an organization in order to generate high quality and competitive workforce in the global market. Many organizations provide training and development programs to its employees for the purpose of developing their knowledge, skills and abilities in order to produce high-quality workforce which are outstanding and competitive in the global industry. The financial crisis of 2007- 2010 hit the whole world economy hard. However, the 2010 American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) State of the Industry Report showed that U.S. organizations spent USD 125.88 billion on employee learning and development in year 2009. Many organizations spent significant time and billions of dollars on training program and it is crucial to ensure transfer of training occurs within the organization. According to Nijman et al. (2006), transfer of training is the essential element for training programs to be effective and efficient, besides intended return on investments in training programs will only be attained to the

Ooi Ang Ling1, Phuah Hui Woon2 and Koh Huei Ven3

extent where the training is transferred. Werner and DeSimone (2009) supported that the transfer of training to the job is critically important to the success of Human Resource Development (HRD) efforts. Transfer of training occurs when trainees apply the knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes they gained in training and continually practice of them over a period of time to their jobs (Baldwin and Ford, 1988). There are three different forms for transfer of training. They are known as positive transfer, zero transfer and negative...
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