The Relationship Between Study Habits and Academic Performance of It Students

Topics: Study skills, Learning, Homework Pages: 20 (4427 words) Published: October 22, 2012
The relationship between study habits and academic performance of IT students A Research Proposal
Presented to the Faculty of
Humanities, Social Sciences & Communications Department
Far Eastern University – East Asia College

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Subject ENGL303
Educational Research
Buen, Nica Chrizza N.E.
Cruz, Yves Justin C.
Diocareza, Darwin Joseph V.
Marquez, Samwell Kervy A.
Masbate, Kristine Gay A.
September 5, 2012

This research highlights the relationship between the study habits and the academic performance of second year IT students. A habit is defined as a planned schedule done regularly, while to study is to gain knowledge. Therefore, study habits are done regularly in order to expand learning. It is the way how students accomplish their homework and how they prepare for an exam. This research discusses how important study habits are in achieving students’ academic good performance. This also presents how many hours the students are studying, how they prepare for an exam, and what is the comfortable place and time for them to study in order to show if these factors are contributors in attaining better academic performance. A survey questionnaire that is composed of 8 questions related to the topic was given to 50 second year IT students in Far Eastern University – East Asia College. The data gathered in the survey includes the midterm and final grades of the students which shows how they performed during those periods. After the survey, the researchers found out that most of the students spent 1 to 2 hours in studying yet, they still accumulated passing grades in the midterm period, and they even got better marks in the final period of the previous term. From the given data, students have different ways on how they will prepare for an upcoming test. Most of them prefer to be alone. The comfortable place for them to study has also something to do in order for them to attain good academic performance. Great number of the respondents answered that they study inside their bedroom and they are at ease to study during evening from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. One of the survey questions is how the students spend their vacant time. According to the collected data, most of the respondents play which includes playing computer games, playing guitar, playing just for fun, and so on. Next to that is surfing the net which includes visiting social networking sites such as facebook, etc. It is being observed that most of the students spend their vacant time in front of the computer which is a common scenario nowadays. The last question asks the respondents opinion whether their study habits help them achieve good academic performance or not. Majority of them answered “yes” which is true that can be observed in their previous midterm and final GPA. A theoretical analysis, backed up by the survey results, indicates that study habits really affect a student’s academic performance. Good grades can be achieved by proper study habits. It is not necessary that students should study for a long period of time because the amount of time spent for studying does not mean that students can already pass in their subject. Some students find difficulties in some subjects, so they pay more attention to it that consumes much of their time. In order to overcome those difficulties, they have their own ways on studying for them to understand their lessons. Time and place are also factors to be considered in studying. Good place and right time make the students comfortable and study with ease.

Education plays a vital role in students’ life. It is not only about acquiring knowledge, taking down notes during discussions, answering exam, passing in the test, or even attaining good grades; but also it is also about teaching the students how to be independent in the real life. Finding solutions in the given problems happen in the real life....
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