The Relationship Between Private and Public Police

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  • Published : November 18, 2010
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Relationship Between Private and Public Police

CJS 250
July 25, 2010

Relationship between Private and Public Police

Private police and public police are important to society. Both are necessary to the protection of society, whether it is protecting one’s business and personnel or it is protecting one from personal harm. Both are responsible for crime deterrence. The relationship between private and public police is one that has been debated for many years. In some views the relationship is negative and in other views, it is positive. A partnership between private and public safety would be beneficial to both parties. Although there appear to be some similarities in the responsibility of private and public security, there are major differences. According to Schmalleger (1995) public policing is an arrangement that makes sure that all citizens are orderly and are law abiding. The main objective of public policing is crime prevention and public safety. In most cases, private security officers are contracted by individuals or companies to protect private property, personnel, or their interest from harm (Schmalleger, 1995). Many law enforcement officers see private security officers as people who want to be a law enforcement officer but could not pass the training. They also see becoming a private security officer as second rate. This is simply not true. Many officers in the private industry hold college degrees and are experts in certain areas such as technology. Studies suggest that public police officers see private police officers as unequal partners in the prevention of crime. Private police officers; however, see themselves as equal partners in the prevention of crime (Law Library, n.d.). Although the two have a difference of opinion, they both concede that there are some supportive efforts between private police and public police. Both admit that more could be done to encourage a better working relationship. One example of cooperation...
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