The Relationship between Depression and Addiction

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  • Published : May 2, 2012
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The Relationship Between Depression and Addiction

Rockland Community College
Cheryl Ziemak
English 101


Both depression and addiction go hand in hand. In this paper I am going to explain how both interact with each other. Addiction can lead to depression, while depression can lead to any form of addiction. Addiction is the quality or state of being addicted. It can also be defined as a compulsive need for and use of alcohol and drugs, both recreational and prescribed. Depression is a psychotic disorder marked especially by sadness, inactivity, difficulty thinking and concentrating, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, and low self-esteem. I’m going to show how it all can affect each other.

Depression can be both genetically inherited and brought on by a traumatic experience either as a child or adult. “Community studies have estimated the 24% of women and 15% of men will at some point in their lives is clinically depressed.” (Zautra. Emotions, Stress, and Health, pg. 133). Depression is an extended period of disturbance in both positive and negative affect systems. A black period in a person’s life can have a lot of negative emotion and very little positive emotions. You could have a great day and then next thing you know you’re in a depressive state. This can be attributed to various stressful events or small instances that can set a depressive state into motion. Everyday emotions or stressors can lead to feelings of hopelessness and low self-esteem.

“Large depression is the stuff of breakdowns.” (Solomon. The Noonday Demon, pg.17). Depression is like a building rusting over the years but with grief and insecurities that eventually collapse. There are two models of depression: The first is the dimensional: it is on a continuum with sadness that represents an extreme version. The second is the categorical: this describes depression as an illness separate from other emotions. Within depression one of the...
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