The Reign of Terror

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Was the terror justified?
What is the reign of terror? “The Terror” as it is now referred to as, was a huge execution massacre that occurred after the onset of the French Revolution. This began on September 5, 1793 and ended on July 28, 1974 in France. Anyone who did not believe in the Revolution and opposed it was executed. After the monarchy, the French Revolution began. After the onset of the French Revolution the Terror had occurred. Maximilien Robespierre and the bourgeoisie had led this Reign of Terror, and anyone who opposed the French Revolution was to be executed. The French Revolution was an era of radical and social upheaval in France. After France having a Monarchy, the need for equality and the riddance of estates and social class was needed. The Reign of Terror or “the Terror” was an agreeably bloody massacre of innocent people, executed for their opposition. Was it justified? Some may say yes but I say no. France needed to end the radicalism and needed a free republic innocent people died because of a viewpoint they stood for. Robespierre believed that executing everyone who was against the Revolution would create a better government and society. Yet France was already in debt after the nobility and clergy became greedy and raised taxes on the peasants. Killing off people wouldn’t solve the issue nor did it make a valid point. I think Robespierre had become arrogant and only sought his way and believed it was better for France for this massacre to occur. It was nothing but an elimination of all political enemies of the Revolution.
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