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1. Describe the different between internal and external costumer. Internal customer was staffing that work to marketing the product by one organization or firm. In the other words, internal customers can are any persons who either works for an organization and sever people that are note employed by organization. External customers on the other hand are was one who not working for organization or firm. External customers can be explained as those which requires product serve a purpose. 2. What are the components and activities associated with the complaint resolution process?

3. Describe some potential pitfalls of customer-driven quality. Can you think of any ways to avoid or lessen the impact of these potential pitfalls?

Customer-Driven Quality represent a proactive approach to satisfying customer needs that base on gathering data about customer to learn their needs and preferences and then providing products or services that satisfy customers.

Figure 5-1 presents a model of reactive customer-driven quality. This model shows that when quality is reactive, rather than planned, customer expectations increase at a faster rate than supplier performance. Firm quality performance in increasing while customer expectation also increasing. The firm will be in reactive mode when customer expectation increasing at a faster rate than supplier performance. At the point where these trends cross, customer dissatisfaction increases.

4. Describe the basic idea behind a focus group. Are focuses grouping an effective way of gathering data about customer preference and taste? The basic idea behind a focus group as actively solicited customer feedback.  What is the basic idea behind a focus group?   Are focus groups an effective way of gathering data about customer preferences and tastes?”   It defines a focus group as “actively solicited customer feedback.”   They gather “customers and solicit their ideas and reactions to products or concepts.   They...
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