The Red Wheelbarrow.

Topics: William Carlos Williams, The Red Wheelbarrow, Wheel Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Sarmiento, Jahziel
AP Lit 6
The White Chickens on the Red Farm

“The Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos Williams shows the dependency towards an object. Williams uses the concept of imagery to interpret his thoughts in one sentence, but is divided into different parts to show its importance. The narrator’s use of diction is simple yet it has a deeper meaning behind it. A person cannot take anything for granted, not even the simplest things.

The first stanza sets the tone for the poem, which is the need for something that will comfort a person. There are different types of security blankets for every individual, therefore “so much depends upon” (lines 1-2) that one item to reassure them. Because the lines are divided into different parts, this stanza also symbolizes the need for every line of the poem to be complete in order for the reader to fully understand what the author is talking about.

The second and third stanza demonstrates imagery. The “red wheel barrow” (lines 3-4) shows a description in a different way. “Red” (line 3) is a bold color which can be seen from a distance. This can illustrate however small an object can be; the significance behind it is broader. The words “wheel”(line 3) and “barrow”(line 4) are on different lines to imagine the wheelbarrow in a dissimilar way. The words are broken up in order to vividly see the object. Just as the wheelbarrow is being imagined, the “glazed [of the] rain water” is coming up to the view. Its shows the little aspects of what the wheelbarrow has.

The last stanza of the “white chickens” (lines 7-8) is the ones who depend on the “rain water” from the “red wheel barrow” for survival. The water is the element of life, without it, the chickens will not be able to survive. In contrast to the color “white” with the “red” illustrates that the chickens are pure until they drink for the “red wheel barrow.”

The chickens do not take the water from the wheelbarrow for granted, because they know that it is not...
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