The Red Ribbon

Topics: Bus, Public transport, Bus stop Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: April 27, 2013
The Red Ribbon                                      - g/ram             Sally Mayfield was eighteen years old when she decided to leave town for the first time by herself. She lived in Brentwood, the older side of the valley. The trees were a thicker and the sidewalk was lifted and cracked, showing signs of decay. Everyone walked on the street, where you could always see a group of kids playing games or the neighbors walking their luxury dogs. Things there were simple and traditional; everything was pleasant, she wanted a change. Until that day, Sally never left the safe bubble of the town. Sally wanted to expierence more to life, she wanted to know what danger was, and what thrill was. Sally started coming her dark brown hair, the same way she always had; she brushed it tight and snug, tying it with a rid ribbon. That day, she picked out a green polka-dot dress that she bought three weeks ago but wasn’t allowed to wear it at school. She raced down the stairs on a cool spring morning. Her grandma had already made her a hardy breakfast that consisted of blueberry pancakes, a soft-boiled egg, crispy honey bacon, and a fruit bowl. Her grandma believed in a rich and full breakfast and that you can’t start a day productively without it, Sally never minded this. The clock was quarter to seven and she needed to get to the bus stop in five minutes only today she wasn’t going to school, she was going to the hills. This was the newer and more modern part of town. She had been there many times, but only from the comfort of a car; she wasn’t allowed to go on the streets. She raced across her lawn, just about tripping on her own feet. She was one block away and could already see the bus; she knew she would make it however she seemed to have been slowed down. It was her neighbor dale. He was a dark haired senior the same age as Sally. His face was red from the sun and his hair was matted with sweat. “Sal, how come you’re taking the city bus?’’ Dale asked with a sincere and...
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